TriStar Group

Tri-Star Group expands its operations to Central America

El Salvador, Honduras and Belize already can count on the services offered by Tri-Star in their airports. Guatemala and Costa Rica will be next.

In addition to our operations covering almost the entire national territory and also in the United States and El Salvador, the Tri-Star Group now operates in Honduras and Belize, in Central America.

The strategic expansion aims to offer all of our services such as AVSEC (Aviation Security), passenger services, air cargo and trainings.

Currently, operations in Central America in El Salvador, Honduras and Belize, serve 10 airlines companies, at 5 airports, and have 316 agents certified by our Specialized Education Centers.

Also in 2019, the Tri-Star Group plans to start operations in Guatemala. Operations in Costa Rica and Panama should happen by 2020. Keep following our blog and stay within our news.


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