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GRU Airport and Tri-star invest R $ 3 million in the implementation of a new export customs warehouse

GRU Airport, the Concessionaire that manages the São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, and Tri-Star started the implementation of a bonded warehouse for export.

An unprecedented project in the country, with an investment of R $ 3 million, which will make it possible to increase by up to 35% the capacity to receive cargo for export, its storage, the provision of services and the palletizing for export.

“The partnership with Tri-Star will bring us several benefits such as improvements in the areas of customs services, expansion in the work and service environments” stated the Commercial and Cargo director of Gru Airport, Mônica Lamas.

The more than 5,000 m² space, dedicated to Tri-Star customers, will provide agility in receiving perishable cargo and live animals. The forecast is that the new space will be inaugurated in June 2021. The expectation of GRU Airport is to increase the market share in exports, which in 2020 was 47%.

“We are proud to contribute to the growth of the most important Airport Cargo Terminal in the country, in addition to being honored to participate in this unprecedented project in Brazil, together with Gru Airport, and mainly, with the support of the Federal Revenue and other consenting bodies, that made the execution of this project feasible, which will provide our customers with a considerable reduction in cargo palletizing time, more flexibility in terms of acceptance of these cargoes, and above all, a much more dedicated service to exporters, the main customers of this logistics chain, and that bring foreign currency to our country, ”said Tri Star CEO Fernando Bimonti,


The Cargo Terminal of São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, managed by GRU Airport, is the largest airport complex in Brazil, with an area of ​​99 thousand m². Even in the face of an extremely challenging scenario, in 2020 it moved around 208 thousand tons between import and export. The 250% growth in the number of international freighters was essential for this brand.

Among the items most transported in this period are pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and pieces, textiles, food, machinery and aeronautical parts. Due to its air network and connectivity, the airport also stands out in the distribution of electronic commerce.

GRU Airport also has the largest refrigeration complex in airports in Brazil, with approximately 30,000 thousand m³ of import and export storage capacity. Its 23 cold chambers reach all temperature ranges and serve all types of products. In addition, the terminal has 440 positions for refrigerated containers on import and 8 on export.

The terminal was the main gateway for pharmaceutical cargo in Brazil, especially those dedicated to combating the covid-19 pandemic, resulting in an increase of 6 percentage points in the segment’s market share, from 50% in 2019 to 56% in 2020 In addition, the location in the metropolitan area of ​​Guarulhos favors access to important highways that connect the airport to the entire country, and the offer of direct and daily flights ensures greater efficiency and agility in cargo transportation.

The logistics complex, which already has the CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certification from IATA, is working to obtain, in 2021, the OAS (Authorized Economic Operator) certifications from the Federal Revenue and CBPDA (Certificate of Good Distribution Practices) and Storage) of ANVISA, which will confirm the high levels of safety and good practices in the handling of pharmaceutical products at the terminal



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