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The best solutions for the airport sector

Tri-Star Cargo Handling is responsible for the handling and control of air cargo, providing the following services:
  • Administration and operation of cargo terminals;
  • Monitoring of pharmaceutical and perishable loads, including temperature check, monitoring in restricted áreas, and loading;
  • Control of equipments;
  • Control and treatment of dangerous goods (“DG’s”);
  • Cargo location transfer;
  • Assistance for aircrafts;
  • Ramp support;
  • Company Material (“Comat”);
  • Loading and unloading of aircrafts.
  • Specific services for freight agents (receipt of export cargo, follow-up of procedures together with the Public Internal Revenue Service, withdrawal of documents from airlines and monitoring of cargo with high added value).

Tri-Star Airport Security is our business unit that looks after the safety and security of airport spaces, baggage, passengers and air transport.
We offer the following services, also with the help of new technology, designed only for our company:

  • Inspection of passengers, crew, employees and bags;
  • Aircraft and its cargo protection;
  • Access control;
  • Scanning procedures;
  • Safety and security trainings;
  • Interviews with passengers;
  • Development of airports and airline companies security plans and programs (PSA and PSESCA);

Tri-Star operates in several airports in Brazil, the United States and Central America supporting all sizes of aircrafts. We have a highly qualified team to coordinate and carry out the most diverse activities related to executive aviation, such as:

  • Flight plans;
  • Receptive of executive jets, helicopters or any aircraft that doesn’t belong to commercial airlines;
  • Assistance to passengers and crew;
  • Follow-up of passengers of the aircraft on landing and boarding;
  • Transport of the crew and their passengers from the aircraft to the passenger terminals;
  • Baggage loading and unloading services;
  • Assistance with public agencies, and surface transportation;
  • Coordination of catering supplies;
  • Coordination of landing, staying and taking off;
  • Coordination of fuel supply.

Tri-Star provides ground handling serices for airlines, following the highest standards of safety, security and operational efficiency. Among the services we offer, we highlight:

  • Aircrafts cleaning;
  • Assistance to passengers with special needs;>/li>
  • Control of boarding and landing of passengers;
  • Control of flights dispatches;
  • Transport and support to the crew.

We offer a VIP lounge at Guarulhos Airport, carefully planned to exceed the expectations of the most demanding passengers. With a focus on meeting the key requirements of comfort and convenience, the VIP Lounge has become a benchmark in high-end service and accommodation in the airport sector, and its model is being expanded to other airports in the country where we operate.
The space has:

  • Lounge;
  • Buffet service with all inclusive meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic);
  • Kids Space;
  • Business Center;
  • Mini Cinema;
  • Individual TV booths;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Hot showers;
  • Exclusive space for passengers traveling in first class; and
  • Screens with schedules and flight information, for personal control of each passenger.
We offer the most complete airport receptive services to attend business groups or any individual, as well as unaccompanied minors, people with special needs, VIP and CIP clients, etc. Among the services offered, we highlight:
  • Reception and assistance at boarding and landing;
  • Bilingual team
  • Assistance with baggage in public area;
  • Assistance in case of lost luggage;
  • Assistance with connection flights;
  • Assistance in case of delays and cancellations of flights;
  • Asssitance of passengers with special needs.